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Adnan Javid Khan Explains Why You Should Have That Verified Blue Tick on Your Social-Media Account

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

A blue tick means something substantial to most people these days. There's a distinct significance and level of respect that arrives along with social media verification.

For businesses or personal brands, it's way more valuable. Deeming that in 2020 Facebook reported that 5 percent of accounts were fake — approximately about 138 million users — blue-tick verification is a significant way to show authenticity.

How blue-tick verification influences your business

Although celebrities and renowned people were the first to be social media verified, it's now vastly common. Today, we discover businesses, bloggers, personal brands, political figures and administrations verified, which generates them a particular status of respect and numerous benefits.

Building trust

To be verified, a business or personal brand must go through a procedure to prove that it should be verified. The verification procedure varies from platform to platform and changes often, so it can be uncertain. Nonetheless, most social media verification procedures require the business or person to submit things like press or media citations or references. Many even require proof of identity. Moreover, to be verified, you must show relevancy in the digital world and presence on social media.

Authenticity and social proof

Most importantly, being a social media verified identity gives you instant authenticity. If a platform considers you true, other users will respect you the same way. This further leads to acquiring social proof. Social proof is the impression that if others are approving or taking part in something, it must be precise. It's based on the idea that there's safety in numbers. When you search for a celebrity on Instagram, you likely scan his or her page for the blue tick to make sure the account is legitimate. The platform recognizes this user, so you do too.


There's a certain level of enthusiasm that appears with verification. Understanding that you've been verified will make you feel more optimistic about the content you post and the interactions you have. Being able to show that you are a genuine person or brand will rub off on your social media presence.

As a business or personal brand, it's incredibly important to create social proof and trust among your followers. Getting social media verified is a simple way to showcase that you are authentic!

Networking and engagement

To grow your business, uniting forces with other verified users will incredibly help your business's performance. To communicate with them, the verification blue tick shows that you are authentic and have an obvious significance. Since your social account is genuine, you'll also get more engagement from customers. They will feel safe knowing that you are a true presence and will be much more likely to interact with your account.

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